Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Million Mummies ..Some Red-Haired

Any finally today, one more interesting thing I've came across. Namely this article in the Daily Mail that concerns the discovery of a mass cemetery in Egypt.

The cemetery supposedly dates to about 1500 years ago and is estimated to contain around a million bodies. Interestingly, it states that the bodies have been separated according to hair colour;
"They have also discovered that the mummies appear to be clustered together by hair colour, with those with blond hair in one area and all of those with red hair in another."
It's been suggested that this separation may be due to family members being buried close to one another - as they generally are in most cemeteries. The article dates to December 2014 so I'll have to have a good search to see if there have been any further revelations regarding this find.

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