Thursday, June 2, 2022

The Red-Haired Giant of Kandahar

We have already covered, on this blog, the subject of red-haired giants.

Here's one more story on the same topic - the text is taken from the following article:

In August 2016, the YouTuber L. A. Marzulli posted a lengthy interview [which was then deleted] with a military contractor identified only as Mr. K. In the interview, Mr. K claimed to have been present during the brutal slaughter of a killer he called the Kandahar Giant.

The killing of the giant, he said, took place during the height of Operation Enduring Freedom in 2002 when the military was engaged in fierce battles with the Taliban in their de facto capital in Kandahar Province during the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan.


The Kandahar Giant, Mr. K said, was 13 feet tall with fiery red hair, six fingers, and two sets of teeth. It even killed one of the Special Forces soldiers with a spear before the rest of the unit brought it down with 30 seconds of sustained gunfire. And after they radioed it in, the Army took away its corpse and has hidden it ever since.

In 2002, a group of soldiers went missing while on patrol in a remote mountain region of Kandahar, in the south of Afghanistan. And when they failed to make radio contact for some time, the military sent in a special ops unit to investigate, though the branch of the armed forces they belonged to was never confirmed.

Then, high up in the mountains, the unit came across a cave with scattered Army equipment around but no sign of the missing soldiers. And that’s when they chanced upon the Kandahar Giant.


After the troops killed the giant, they loaded it onto a Chinook helicopter, which carried it to a transport plane, where no one ever saw it again. The soldiers were forced to sign non-disclosure agreements so the government could keep them all quiet.


In August 2016, Snopes reached out to the Department of Defense about the "Kandahar Giant incident." The Department of Defense told the outlet, in no uncertain terms, that they had "no record or information about a special forces member killed by a giant in Kandahar."

What’s more, there are no press releases on the Department of Defense’s website involving either a "special forces troop" disappearing in Afghanistan or of any incident involving soldiers felling a giant.

Of course, as with any good conspiracy, this lack of evidence isn’t sufficient proof that the myth of the Kandahar Giant doesn’t exist. In fact, Snopes’ debunking of the legend has had quite the opposite effect in certain cryptid spaces, which claim that the government is “trying to hide the truth” from the public.

Here are a couple of videos on the topic, including a new video by Marzulli.

For more information: WND, Indie88FM, TheXPlanet.

EDIT: apparently, the original interview by Marzulli has resurfaced. You can watch it here.