Tuesday, December 14, 2021

..and a final four paintings

Finally, to round off this rally of redheads, we have four more paintings. Each of which are quite unique in their own way.

First up this self-portrait by the artist Celia Frances Bedford.


Next up we have this one. It's by the American artist Guy Pène du Bois, and it's titled Girl in Striped Sweater. Very 20th century.

(Girl in Striped Sweater)

For the third we have this; Portrait of a Woman with a Blue Headband, by the artist Harrington Mann. This is a great image.

(Portrait of a Woman with a Blue Headband)

Lastly we have this - a very warm and richly coloured image, depicting a red-haired Mrs Cyprian Williams, along with her two red-haired children. It's by the British painter Philip Wilson Steer. Mrs Williams was an amateur artist who moved in the same circles as Steer.

(Mrs Cyprian Williams and her Two Little Girls, 1891)

And that's that.

..yet more red-haired artworks :)

An array of images that all have a vaguely Pre-Raphaelite feel now - or at least that's how I've grouped them.

No. 1: Cordelia's Portion by Ford Madox Brown (most definitely in the Pre-Raphaelite oeuvre).

(Cordelia's Portion)

(Cordelia's Portion - detail 1)

(Cordelia's Portion - detail 2)

No.2: The Boyhood of Alfred the Great by Edmund Leighton. (I'm not entirely sure which one's Alfred).

(The Boyhood of Alfred the Great)

(The Boyhood of Alfred the Great - detail)

No.3: This one's a tad more Pre-Raphaelite than the last. It's titled Apples, and is by the English painter Albert Joseph Moore. I really like this one.

(Apples - Albert Joseph Moore)

No.4: I really like this one too actually. Paolo and Francesca by Frank Dicksee.

(Paolo and Francesca)

(Paolo and Francesca - detail)

No.5: Finally, this one. Another beautiful painting. It's titled The Penance of Eleanor, Duchess of Gloucester, and is by the American artist Edwin Austin Abbey.

(The Penance of Eleanor)

(The Penance of Eleanor - detail)

Madonna(s) With Child - Joos van Cleve

This one's a bit of an odd one - numerous depictions of the Virgin Mary with child Jesus. All looking suspiciously ginger. All by the Antwerp-based painter Joos van Cleve.

There are so many I keep getting deja vu thinking I've uploaded them on here before. We've featured many redheaded Madonna and Child paintings over the years, but I think these ones are all new to the blog. Though we have mentioned van Cleve previously, when we featured his equally ginger Altarpiece of the Lamentation.

So here goes..

(Madonna and Child)

(Virgin and Child)

(Madonna of the Cherries)

(Madonna and Sleeping Child
in a Landscape)

(The Holy Family)

(Madonna with Child)

(The Holy Family)

And finally we have an image of Mary alone in prayer. Again red-haired.

(The Virgin in Prayer)

(The Virgin in Prayer - detail)

Definitely images worth adding to the 'Was Jesus Ginger?' folder.

Glasgow School Cool.

A couple of Glasgow School artists now. Firstly, this piece by Jessie M. King.

(A Spray of Wild Hemlock)

Then next up these two redhead laden images, by the artist David Gauld.


(St Agnes)

The Ghosts of the French Heroes - Girodet

This painting is by the French artist Anne-Louis Girodet de Roussy-Trioson. Quite a name. The painting itself is equally complex. In fact, only a segment of the grand array of subjects depicted are red-haired.

It's titled Ossian receiving the Ghosts of the French Heroes, and it depicts French generals who fell during the Napoleonic Wars. (We mentioned Ossian not too long ago in relation to red hair here: Ossian, and his ancient Gaelic redheads _)

I've cropped-in to get a better illustration of the coppery-haired angelic figures that are arced around the bottom-left of the picture.

Monday, December 13, 2021

Judas - Edward Okuń

This one's quite a striking and unique depiction of Judas Iscariot. The contrasts of light and dark are quite stunning. It's by the Polish Art Nouveau painter Edward Okuń (1872 - 1945).

Two (red-haired) Nudes in an Exotic Landscape

This one's a bit more modern ..and very colourful. It's by the French artist Jean Metzinger and is titled Baigneuses: Deux nus dans un paysage exotique, or in English: Bathers: Two Nudes in an Exotic Landscape.

Shepherd Boy with Sheep and Goats

This one is a beautiful image. It shows a reddish-haired shepherd boy with his flock. It's a joint work by the Dutch Golden Age painters Bartholomeus van der Helst and Jan Baptist Weenix.

(Shepherd Boy with Sheep and Goats)

St Anne Teaching St Mary - Josef Winterhalder

There's going to be a stream of posts on here over the next few days - or maybe the next few hours if I don't get too distracted. All artwork. I have a folder where I've been collecting the redhead works I've came across over the last twelve months; so as it's December, and nearing the end of 2021, I'll share them now.

First up this little one: it's an image showing St Anne teaching a young St Mary. I couldn't find too much information about the provenance, but it's supposedly by the German-Bohemian painter Josef Winterhalder the Younger.

The full image has an odd shield-like shape, so it lacks a bit of impact.

However, with a zoom-in it has a little more charm.