Saturday, October 15, 2022

Red Hair in Art: Pontormo

Jacopo Carucci (1494 – 1557), usually known as Jacopo da Pontormo, Jacopo Pontormo, or simply Pontormo, was an Italian Mannerist painter and portraitist from the Florentine School. His work represents a profound stylistic shift from the calm perspectival regularity that characterized the art of the Florentine Renaissance. He is famous for his use of twining poses, coupled with ambiguous perspective; his figures often seem to float in an uncertain environment, unhampered by the forces of gravity.


Descent from the Cross


Supper in Emmaus

Holy Family


A Youth

Portrait of Niccolò Ardinghelli

Lady with a Basket of Spindles

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Red Hair in Art: Paride Bordone

Pàris Paschalinus Bordón, also known as Paride Bordone (5 July 1500 – 19 January 1571) was an Italian painter of the Venetian Renaissance who, despite training with Titian, maintained a strand of Mannerist complexity and provincial vigour.

In 1534–35, he painted his large-scale masterpiece for the Scuola di San Marco a canvas of The Fisherman Presenting the Ring to Doge Gradenigo (Accademia). However, comparison between this latter painting and the near-contemporary, and structurally similar, Presentation of the Virgin reveals Bordone's limitations, his use of superior perspective which creates dwarfed distant perspectives, and limited coloration relative to the brilliant tints of Titian.

Bordone also painted smaller cabinet pieces, showing half-figures, semi-undressed men and women from mythology or religious stories in a muscular interaction despite the crowded space. He frequently combined portraiture with allegory.

Paris Bordone subsequently executed many important mural paintings in Venice, Treviso and Vicenza, all of which have perished. In 1538 he was invited to France by Francis I, at whose court he painted many portraits, though no trace of them is to be found in French collections, the two portraits at the Louvre being later acquisitions. On his return journey he also worked for the Fugger palace at Augsburg, but again the works have been lost.

His works feature many redheads and he himself may have been one.

Possible self-portrait

Holy Family with Saint Catherine

Baptism of Christ

Fuga in Egitto con santa Caterina e angeli

Madonna and Child with Saint Sebastian

Sleeping Venus with Cupid

Lady with a Rose

Lady with a Green Cloak

Portrait of a Young Woman

Gentleman with Armour

Lady and Gentleman with Their Daughter

Venetian Lovers

Portrait of a Bearded Man

Portrait of a Lady

Portrait of a Young Lady

Venetian Couple

Mars and Venus surprised by Vulcan

Venus and Cupid

Enthroned Madonna with
Child and Saints

Neptune and Amphitrite

Allegory (Mars, Venus, Victoria and Cupid)


Venus, Flora, Mars and Cupid

Matrimonio mistico di santa Caterina