Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Red-haired first and founders, 6th part (251 - 300)

While working at our partner blog Famous Redheads in History I couldn’t help but notice the great number of “first” and “founders” among our famous redheads. Here’s the list from 251 to 300.

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251) Barbara Ann Scott: she is the only Canadian to have won the Olympic ladies' singles gold medal, the first North American to have won three major titles in one year and the only Canadian to have won the European Championship (1947–48). 


252) Sidney Franklin: first American to become a successful matador, the most senior level of bullfighter.


253) Annabelle Rankin: first woman from Queensland elected to parliament, first woman federal departmental minister, and first Australian woman to be appointed head of a foreign mission. She remains the longest-serving whip in the party's history, in either chamber of parliament. In 1966, she was made Minister for Housing in the Holt government, becoming the first woman to hold a ministerial portfolio. As High Commissioner to New Zealand from 1971 to 1974, she was the first woman to head an Australian mission overseas. 


254) Ursula Hirschmann: co-founder of the European Federalist Movement (Milan, 27 and 28 August 1943). Founder of the Association Femmes pour l'Europe (Brussels, 1975). 


255) Miriam Rothschild: first person to work out the flea's jumping mechanism. She was the first woman trustee of the Natural History Museum (1967–1975), the first woman president of Royal Entomological Society (1993–1994), the first woman to serve on the Committee for Conservation of the National Trust, and the first woman member of the eight-member Entomological Club. 


 256) Audrey Meadows: first woman to serve as director of the First National Bank of Denver. 


257)  James Archibald Campbell: founder of the Campbell University (originally Buies Creek Academy) in Buies Creek, North Carolina in 1887. 


258) Richard Q. Hoare: founder, in 1983, of the Bulldog Trust, to provide support and advice for charities facing immediate financial difficulties. The trust is based at and owns Two Temple Place in the City of London.


259) Mary Thurman: in 1920 she adopted the Dutch bob hairstyle, thus becoming the first celebrity with the style that became a craze among young fashionable women known as "flappers" during the 1920s and early 1930s.


260) William Lucking: in 1986, with fellow actor Dana Elcar, he co-founded the Santa Paula Theater Center.