Sunday, October 9, 2011

Red Hair in the Fledgling United States

Just read a book called ‘The Great Upheaval’ by Jay Winik. It’s a book about the French Revolution, the early United States and the Russia of Catherine the Great. There are a few mentions of red hair in it.

On Thomas Jefferson, page 156:
“He also had striking reddish hair and captivating cool green eyes, which, despite his often dishevelled dress and surprising impulsiveness, gave him an imposing presence; Abigail Adams once described him as having a look “not unlike God.””
On the French diplomat Edmond Genet, page 466:
“A dwarfish man with reddened cheeks and dark red hair, he had flashing eyes, undeniable good looks, and an even more undeniable vivacity.”
And then on the American Politician, Alexander Hamilton, page 477:
“Small, blue-eyed, with hair as red as Jefferson’s[.]”

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