Monday, January 2, 2012

Red Hair of the Dragon Line

I recently came across this webpage.

The page is titled ‘Dragon Dynasties Family Tree’ and contains some strange and esoteric opinions regarding red hair. It's a good example of what I would call the modern mythologizing of red hair. I’ll quote the salient bits.
“The House of Vere is the first royal house of Anjou and said to be of pure Elvin Royal Dragon Blood.....who came into conflict with early Christian church officials (dont even get me started on all this stuff: it is tied up in a lot of mythology : I am only reporting what I find: those of you who wish to read more can do so in:
The Dragon Legacy: The Secret of an Ancient Bloodline by Nicholas de Vere..........whereby the De Veres are considered the Grail bloodline.........supposedly a super human red haired and green eyed race of men (gosh my family has a ton of green eyes: lol)”
Then further down the page;
“Now here is the kicker: according to E.A. Wallis Budge, “Animals with red or reddish brown hair or skins were, and even red haired men were supposed to be especially under the influence of Set.” As is well known to anyone reading this publication, the Merovingians were notorious for their red hair and it was believed that this is where they received all of their “powers.””
And lastly;
“According to ancient tradition red hair and pale white skin is the royal holy colouring. Lilith, the goddess-mother of the Elves was red haired. Radamanthus, the brother of Enlil (Zeus Dispater) was red haired. The vampires of Serbia were red haired. The Scythians and Tocharians were red haired and witches the world over were recognised by their red hair and green eyes.
Consequently red hair, white skin and green eyes are the racial colouring of the Elven God Kings. This colouring, determined by the possession of the MC1R genes, is not human in the accepted sense; it is Neanderthal and, just as biblical and Sumerian histories tell us of the hybridisation of Man and the Gods, so Man and Neanderthal interbred.”

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