Monday, July 11, 2016

Red Hair in Adverts: Update

Back in April I made a post about the seeming surge in redheads that were appearing in TV advertising. Since then I've noticed a few more instances of it. I'll share what I've noticed below.

First up we've had this alterna-punk McDonald's advert on TV where a ginger guy (who looks a little like the actor Corey Haim) gets served by an attractive alternative female employee while at a drive-thru with a guy who I'm guessing is his dad.

Being a vegetarian I feel slightly uncomfortable giving free advertising to McDonalds, so I urge anyone who now has the urge to visit to get the vegetarian option.

I also spotted this quite cute advert for Milkybars featuring two children (one red-haired) who use the static from balloons to make their hair stand on end.

And I noticed the following advert on YouTube for a sports knee strap featuring an athletic red-haired woman.

It does seem there's something of a trend for redheads in advertising at the moment - I certainly don't recall seeing so many redheads featured in ads in the past. We'll see if it continues.

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