Friday, September 16, 2016

Red Hair in Adverts: Update September 2016

I've continued to notice more redheads in adverts since my last post on the topic. They haven't been quite as frequent, but have still been more than noticeable.

First up the following advert from the mobile phone company O2 starring a red-haired girl.

Then this one from the building society Nationwide which features a red-haired little boy with bright red hair.

And finally the following advert for Seriously Spreadable cheese with another red-haired female star.

I also noticed a few token redheads in this much televised McDonald's advert too.

Damn, more free advertising for meat-eating :/

It's difficult to know if red hair is genuinely fashionable at the moment or if it just seems to be fashionable when juxtaposed against the days when red hair was strictly prohibited on British TV. Maybe it's just getting the equal airing that it always should have got? Maybe that's what I'm noticing.

Incidentally, I also noticed this billboard advertisement featuring a redhead in my home town when out and about. It's advertising orange-flavoured Volvic water with the tag line "Orange and Proud".

(My apologies for the quality of the picture, but you get the idea.)

///////Slight Update To This Article//////////

It appears the advertisement shown above was not shown in Scotland or Ireland for fear of causing offence, as it was feared the slogan "Orange and Proud" could be deemed to relate to the Orange Order lol. Quite amusing ..and slightly interesting, especially given how we've mentioned the possible links between red hair and Protestantism on here before. Maybe there was more truth to this idea than we had realised.

(Also notice the one-eye symbolism in the advert!)

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