Saturday, March 24, 2018

Red Hair in Art - Fra Angelico and Others

These first few are by the Italian Early Renaissance painter Fra Angelico (1395-1455). They can definitely by added to our red-haired Jesus collection :)


(Deposition from the Cross)

(An image of Mary and the Child Jesus)

What now follows is a random selection of red-haired images which I've came across.

This one's an image I came across on Pinterest. I couldn't find an
origin for it, but it portrays Mary Magdalene with reddish-brown hair.
It looks quite Germanic.

(Mary Magdalene at the Foot of the Cross - Ottilie Roederstein)

(The Progress of the Soul - Phoebe Anna Traquair)

Panel from an altarpiece once in Veyn, near Sort, Spain.
It depicts Saints Mary Magdalene, Ermengold, and
Catherine of Alexandria.

(The Sorrow of Mary Magdalene - Jules Joseph Lefebvre)

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