Monday, January 6, 2020

Chestnut Haired Native Virginians

Been slowly reading through Hakluyt's Voyages - essentially a collection of Elizabethan era explorer accounts. Anyway, I came across the following small snippet in one about the newly discovered Virginia. It described some of the native inhabitants.

"They are of colour yellow-ish, and their haire black for the most part, and yet we saw children that had very fine aburne, and chestnut coloured haire."

[titled. - The first voyage made to the coasts of America, with two barks, where in were Captaines M. Philip Amadas, and M. Arthur Barlowe, who discovered part of the Countrey now called Virginia, Anno 1584. Written by one of the said Captaines, and sent to sir Walter Ralegh knight, at whose charge and direction, the said voyage was set forth.

Hakluyt's Voyages, selected and edited with introduction by Irwin R. Blacker. Pub. 1965.]

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