Sunday, July 4, 2021

Red Hair in Art: Edgar Degas

Some beautiful art from the hand of the French impressionist Edgar Degas today.

Firstly this work titled La Coiffure.

(La Coiffure c. 1896)

There's also the following variation on the same theme.

(La Coiffure c. 1893)

Next up we have a rather elegant image called Ballet Rehearsal; that features a few redheads dotted about.

(Ballet Rehearsal, 1873)

(Ballet Rehearsal - detail)

We also have this slightly odder image titled The Singer with the Glove.

(The Singer with the Glove, 1878)

Finally, we have some nudes: The Tub; Woman in a Tub; and After the Bath, Woman Drying her Nape.

(The Tub, 1886)

(Woman in a Tub, 1886)

(After the Bath, Woman Drying her Nape, 1898)

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