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Red-haired first and founders, 5th part (201 - 250)

While working at our partner blog Famous Redheads in History I couldn’t help but notice the great number of “first” and “founders” among our famous redheads. Here’s the list from 201 to 250.

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201) Reginald Fessenden: he is best known for his pioneering work developing radio technology, including the foundations of amplitude modulation (AM) radio. His achievements included the first transmission of speech by radio and the first two-way radiotelegraphic communication across the Atlantic Ocean.

202) Herman Frasch: inventor of the Frasch process for petrochemistry and of the paraffin wax purification.


203) Mary Anderson: first actress to appear onstage (in 1887) in the double role of Perdita and Hermione in Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale.

204) Sergei Utochkin: first man who rode down the Potemkin Stairs by cycle and car.

205) Annie Horniman: she established the Abbey Theatre in Dublin and founded the first regional repertory theatre company in Britain at the Gaiety Theatre in Manchester.

206) Danny Kaye: first ambassador-at-large of UNICEF in 1954.


207) Anne O'Hare McCormick: first woman to be appointed to the editorial board of the Times (1936) and first woman to receive a Pulitzer Prize in a major journalism category (correspondence).

208) Charlotte Curtis: first woman to be included with the senior editors on the Times masthead.

209) Peter the Great of Russia: he founded the city of Saint Petersburg; he founded the Neva Yacht Club (1718, first yacht club in history); he introduced the decimal currency in 1704 (thus making Russia the first country to decimalise).



210) Yuri Orlov: founder of the Moscow Helsinki Group, founding member of the Soviet Amnesty International group, founder of the human rights movement in the Soviet Union.

211) Isaac Singer: founder of the Singer Sewing Machine Company.

212) B. F. Skinner: founder of radical behaviourism; inventor of: operant conditioning chamber, cumulative recorder, air crib, teaching machine, pigeon-guided missile and verbal summator.

213) John Barry: he has been credited as "The Father of the American Navy". He was the first captain placed in command of a U.S. warship commissioned for service under the Continental flag. After the war, he became the first commissioned U.S. naval officer.



 214) Margaret Fuller: first American female war correspondent. Her book Woman in the Nineteenth Century is considered the first major feminist work in the United States.

215) Paul Kelly: he was possibly the first male child actor to be given any starring roles in American films


216) Rose Hawthorne Lathrop (Mother Mary Alphonsa): founder of the religious order Servants of Relief for Incurable Cancer (now known as the Dominican Sisters of Hawthorne), of which she became the first Mother Superior, with the name Mother Mary Alphonsa. 

217) Allan Pinkerton: first police detective in Chicago. Founder of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency (now Pinkerton Consulting and Investigations). His work during the American Civil War led to the establishment of the Federal secret service.


218) Martin van Buren: first USA president to have been born after the American Revolution and the only president to have spoken English as a second language.

219) Ulysses S. Grant: first president to circumnavigate the world.

220) Patrick Watkins: first resident of the Galapagos.

221) Allan Lockheed: along with his brother Malcolm, he formed the Alco Hydro-Aeroplane Company, that became Lockheed Corporation.


222) Leroy Grumman: in 1929, he co-founded Grumman Aircraft Engineering Co., later renamed Grumman Aerospace Corporation, and now part of Northrop Grumman.

223) Theodore G. Ellyson: first United States Navy officer designated as an aviator ("Naval Aviator No. 1").

224) Charles K. Hamilton: first aviator to fly in the state of Washington; the first to fly between two major US cities (from New York City to Philadelphia and back); the first to make a public flight in New Britain and New England; the first to make a night flight in America.

225) Emily Howell Warner: first woman captain of a scheduled US airline.

226) Betty Skelton: record holder and aerobatics pilot who set 17 aviation and automobile records. She was known as "The First Lady of Firsts". First woman to receive an Automobile Association of America auto race driver's license. First female test driver in the auto industry. GM's first woman technical narrator at major auto shows. first woman to undergo NASA's physical and psychological tests.

227) Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna of Russia: founder of the Marfo-Mariinsky Convent dedicated to helping the downtrodden of Moscow.


228) Rose Mary Woods: first and only secretary to get her own Time magazine cover.

229) Walter Damrosch: he conducted the world premiere performances of George Gershwin's Piano Concerto in F (1925) and An American in Paris (1928). He also conducted the first performance of Rachmaninoff's third piano concerto with Rachmaninoff himself as a soloist.

230) Daniel Hale Williams: founder (in 1891) of the Provident Hospital, first non-segregated hospital in the United States. In 1895 he co-founded the National Medical Association for African-American doctors. In 1913 he was elected as the only African-American charter member of the American College of Surgeons.

231) Josiah Bartlett: American Founding Father.

232) William W. Rockhill: first American to learn to speak Tibetan.



233) John Edward Taylor: founder of The Guardian.

234) Luís Vaz de Camões: he is considered Portugal's and the Portuguese language's greatest poet, and the father of the Portuguese language.

235) Philip I of Castile: first Habsburg King of Castile.


236) Catherine of Aragon: first known female ambassador in European history.


237) Mary I,Queen of England: first undisputed English queen regnant.

238) Edward VI of England: England's first monarch to be raised as a Protestant.


 239) Gian Galeazzo Visconti: first duke of Milan and founding patron of the Certosa di Pavia. 


240) John Fitzgerald Kennedy: first Catholic elected president. 

241) Abdulmejid I: first sultan to speak French. 


242) Sigismund II Augustus: he established the first regular Polish navy and the first regular postal service in Poland, known today as Poczta Polska. 


243) Maria Feodorovna (Sophie Dorothea ofWürttemberg): founded and managed all the Empire's charitable establishments and founded the Office of the Institutions of Empress Maria.  


244) Margaret of Valois: first woman to write her memoirs. 


245) Frances Clara Cleveland: becoming First Lady at age 21, she remains the youngest wife of a sitting president. She was also the first presidential widow to remarry. 


246) Marie Tharp: along with geologist Bruce C. Heezen she produced the first scientific map of the Atlantic Ocean floor and Mid-Atlantic Ridge. 


247) Janet Munro: first adult actress to be given a five-year contract by Walt Disney and the first English TV star to be importet by Hollywood.  


 248) Stanislaw Reszka: founder of the hospital in Buk, his hometown. 


 249) Joe Kittinger: he held the world record for the highest skydive—102,800 feet (31.3 km)—from 1960 until 2012. He was the first man to fully witness the curvature of the Earth. In 1984, he became the first person to make a solo crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in a gas balloon.  


250) Avery Brundage: he is the only American and only non-European to attain the position of president of the International Olympic Committee (from 1952 to 1972).

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