Friday, February 2, 2024

A Green-Eyed Witch ..And Some Elves

Another little experiment with AI art. This time using Signing up for a free account gets you 10 free image prompts per day. It was fun playing around with it. All the images, along with the text prompts that inspired them, can be found over on our Twitter page. I'll share some of the more eye-catching ones below.

These two show a green eyed witch with a black cat/cats.

She looks a little bit like Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales. 

On a similar theme we also gave an image prompt for a red-haired Queen Elizabeth.

Finally, this was the image that really had me laughing. The request was for thousands of red-haired elves having a party.

This one would make a great birthday card for redheads. I'm tempted to upgrade to a paid account and start make merchandise.

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