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Typhon and Red-Haired Men: Addendum

Whilst searching for information about the claim that red-haired men were anciently sacrificed I came across these passages, which I'll relay below simply to catalogue them.


From an 1844 work titled, Crania Aegyptiaca.

"Plutarch, quoting Manetho, asserts that Tiphonean or red-haired men were sacrificed in the temples of Eletheias, and their ashes scattered to the winds. Was this done in commemoration of the hatred which the Egyptians bore to the red-haired Hykshos?"

I should make a note to have a search in regard the Hyksos. I don't think they were actually red-haired, but it might be an interesting avenue to explore.


From an 1834 work titled, Descriptive Catalogue of a Cabinet of Roman Imperial Large-brass Medals.

"Macrobius tells us that Osiris was the Sun; and as the Egyptians considered that luminary as the demiurgus, or creator, he was held in the first consideration; and, according to Manetho, all red-haired men were immolated at his tomb."


From a 1734 work, with the cool sounding title, An Historical Dissertation on Idolatrous Corruptions in Religion from the Beginning of the World.

"Their Hatred to Typho carry'd them so far, that "they had certain Solemnitys," as we are told by Plutarch, "wherein, to abase and affront him, they mishandled and abus'd such Men as they found to have red Hair." Nay, Diodorus tells us that "they antiently sacrific'd such Persons as had red Hair like Typho, at the Sepulchre of Osiris." And Manetho relates, that they were us'd in antient Times to burn live Men in the City of Adythia, entitling them to Typho; and then they made a Wind, and dispers'd and scatter'd their Ashes into the Air." And we may with Probability conjecture, that they might in like Manner contumeliously scatter in the Air the Ashes of the red Oxen they sacrific'd."

In this passage Diodorus is mentioned alongside Plutarch, so I should really try to dig that source up too. Incidentally, I really love these old writing styles.

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