Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Mary Magdalene, House of Orange

I'm quite excited today :D

Last night I came across a book titled Mary Magdalene: Princess of Orange by Ralph Ellis. It links together Mary Magdalene, the House of Orange, red hair and the Protestant movement. This seems to tally with my own research and speculation about red hair being a totem of Protestantism.

It's quite satisfying to find someone else thinking along similar lines. I've just downloaded the book. I felt I was out on my own with this stuff, so it's a reassurance that maybe I'm on the right track. Hopefully the book will provide even more evidence.

I listened to Ralph Ellis speaking about the book online last night and he pointed out something that hadn't occurred to me - the link between the word orange and the word gold. In Latin the word for gold is aurum, like aura, hence the French word for it - or, and the Spanish oro. This would suggest that orange and gold are cognate, and that the generally accepted etymology of the word orange is slightly wrong.

Sweet :)

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