Saturday, March 24, 2018

The Red-Haired Prophecy of Constantinople

Yey, new post. First up a really excellent find from Emanuela. It comes from a book found on Google Books tilted Forschungen zur osteuropäischen Geschichte - which translates as Research on Eastern European History.

On page 57 it contains a curious reference to red hair. It concerns a prophecy relating to the city of Constantinople;

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It reads;
"The version which is possibly the oldest ends in a prophecy: one day, the "red-haired" people (rusyi rod) would reign over the Place of the Seven Hills (the New Rome) and restore to Christianity its ancient capital."
This is quite fascinating and is something I'm surprised not to have came across before. It's also interesting as it reaffirms the speculation linking Russia with red hair, and the idea that the name Russia possibly translates as "land of the reds". Something often repeated online and elsewhere. We've mentioned the possible etymological links with words such as rust, rose, russet, etc on this blog before.

On page 58 it then adds a little more, furthering this Russian connection;

This is definitely something worthy of further investigation :)

Following on from the Russian and Christian theme I also recently came across a paper that once again reiterates the unexpected commonness of red hair amongst the Jewish population. It's titled;

Jewish evolutionary perspectives on Judaism, antisemitism, and race science in late nineteenth-century England: a comparative study of Lucien Wolf and Joseph Jacobs

(A quick Google search should bring up the PDF).

I've yet to read the entire thing, but a quick search of the text brought up the following few bits.
In relation to hair, eyes, and complexion, he offered another meta-study (totalling 120,000 measurements) and showed that while Jews had darker hair and eyes than other nationalities, they included 21% blue eyes and 29% fair hair, and a surprisingly high number of red-heads (with Sephardim having three times as many red-haired as Ashkenazim).
In relation to red hair, Jacobs dismissed any claim that variation from the Jewish type should be interpreted as disproving purity of race; he argued that the Jewish type represented an average and that “the variations, though they may be due to intermixture, may also be merely normal divergences from the standard.” Red hair, Jacobs admitted, was the most difficult to understand in terms of divergence from the dark norm since it was “exceptionally prevalent” among Jews, but he noted that in biological terms “erythrism” was a kind of albinism and a matter of natural variance of certain pigments; he concluded that it was not due to intermixture but was the probable result of defective nutrition (since it occurred mostly among Jews of Africa and the East).
Interesting. Not too sure about the idea that red hair is the product of defective nutrition though xD

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  1. Fabulous article! I was unaware of a redhead prophecy. Red hair is the double seed. It takes the genes of two redhead carriers to shut off MC1R on both receptors to create red hair. Red hair is the result of those receptors being shut off, producing no melanin. We produce red pigments only and certainly has nothing to do with nutrition or lack of. Carriers of the red hair gene (shut off MC1R receptor) don't have red hair because they still create melanin from one receptor, where redheads can't because both receptors are shut off. I had an experience once and saw angels, who all had red hair. The double seed is needed to produce a redhead and is a reference to the double seed law of the Gods, which refers to the heir of the throne. Anu, Enki and Enlil. Enlil was born second so should not have been the heir, but he was born of the double seed (divine red hair) so he was automatically became heir and was destined to rule over the people, and this is where the Old testament starts, as Enlil being Yahweh, God of the Jews. I wrote about my experiences that i consider to be divine if you're interested in reading them