Friday, May 17, 2019

Game of Thrones - The Fate of the Redheads

So, given that the final episode goes out in a few days time, I thought I'd give a little round up of how our redheads are doing. You may recall last year's post where we noted all the redheads and red hair references in the show - Red Hair & Game of Thrones.

Thus far Season 8 has been quite controversial. I've really enjoyed it, but many fans of the show are disappointed. Partially because some of the key characters - in particular Daenerys Targaryen - have taken a turn towards the evil. Fortunately though the red-haired characters seem to have fared pretty well. At least so far anyway.

Firstly, Tormund Giantsbane has continued to be one of the good and more likeable characters. Particularly with his light-hearted humour and giant's milk tales. A great, if slightly crazed advert for redheads.

Then on top of this, one of the other big redheads still left in the show, Melisandre - the Red Woman - essentially sacrifices herself this season for the greater good, in the quest to defeat the White Walkers. A huge step up from the child sacrifice of earlier seasons!

Finally, though, and the main reason for posting, is Sansa Stark. In this final season she's been going toe-to-toe, at least verbally, with "the mother of dragons". Given that the Dragon Queen is now on the wrong side of the great divide, Sansa is now something of a heroic figure.

Watching the last few seasons I've noticed her take on something of a Queen Elizabeth I vibe. With her red hair and stoicism it's an easy comparison to make. Given the numerous historical tropes in the show I can't help but wonder if Sansa Stark will end up on the Iron Throne in this final episode. Sitting there in true Tudor style.

(The Queen of Hearts?) 

It's a dangerous thing making predictions about Game of Thrones though.

I also wonder if we'll see another trope from history in this final episode. That of George and the Dragon. Someone will have to kill that final dragon. So perhaps a newly knighted Brienne of Tarth will step up to the mark?

~~ UPDATE 22/05/19 ~~

My predictions were wrong. The dragon lived, and melted the Iron Throne, so no one could sit upon it. However, Sansa Stark did end up becoming Queen in the North. So that wasn't too far wide of the mark :)

(Sansa Stark - crowned in the north
in the final episode)

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