Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Pre-Raphaelite Red Hair - John Everett Millais

A couple of classics from John Everett Millais now. Firstly, a familiar one, Christ in the House of His Parents. This one's famous from redhead lore as the ginger child Jesus in the image was described by Charles Dickens as a "wry-necked, blubbering, redheaded boy, in a bed-gown." A very wordy put down.

(Christ in the House of His Parents - John Everett Millais)

(Christ in the House of His Parents - detail)

His mother also looks decidedly red-haired going on the hair popping out from her head scarf.

This next image is titled Autumn Leaves and features a cherubic looking boy or girl with red hair holding a broom. Quite a beautiful painting.

(Autumn Leaves - John Everett Millais)

(Autumn Leaves - detail)

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