Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Red Hair in Pre-Raphaelite Art

This is an old, but cherished theme. Pre-Raphaelite artwork was the first artwork I ever came across that featured redheads. I'm sure it's the same for most people. However, that was long before I started this blog. So there's a surprising lack of Pre-Raphaelite art on here. Having recently spent a lot of time re-finding such pieces for the Twitter account it occurred to me that perhaps I should post some here. I've even came across a few I wasn't aware of, which I'll share below.

This one is called Amaryllis and is by William Holman Hunt, 1884. Great image.


And this one is titled Bird of God by the artist Joanna Mary Boyce. c. 1861. Another beautiful image.

(Bird of God)

I'll continue the Pre-Raphaelite theme over the coming weeks.

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