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Here we go with more film about redheads (pt. 4)

Red hair and silver screen.
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Part 5

Redheads Preferred

Redheads Preferred is a 1926 American silent film, directed by Allen Dale and starring Raymond Hitchcock, Marjorie Daw, Theodore von Eltz and Cissy Fitzgerald.


No plot available. The film is probably lost.

The Fighting Redhead

The Fighting Redhead is a 1949 American Western film directed by Lewis D. Collins and starring Jim Bannon as Red Ryder in the final film of the series.


Red Ryder, Buckskin, the Duchess and Little Beaver go to the help of an old rancher who has been threatened by the gang of a crooked saloon keeper. They run into his revenge-seeking daughter who's quick on the draw.

Here's the whole film.


The Redhead and the Cowboy

The Redhead and the Cowboy is a 1951 western film directed by Leslie Fenton and starring Glenn Ford and Rhonda Fleming.


Late in the American Civil War, the New Mexico Territory is full of spies and guerrillas for both sides. Local cowboy Gil Kyle, realizing that many of these people are merely criminals out for themselves, tries to do his work and steer clear of the conflict. But he keeps running into violence and hostility. And after a brief encounter with a beautiful new saloon girl, he stumbles into a crime scene and becomes a fugitive wanted for murder.

His only alibi is the girl, Candace Bronson, who has disappeared. She turns out to be aiding the Confederate cause, and has fled to deliver a vital message about a Union gold shipment. Kyle sets off in pursuit of her. Along the way, he runs into desperadoes, government agents, guerrilla fighters and renegades -- some whose true loyalties are unclear.

Film trailer.



Slightly Scarlet

Slightly Scarlet is a 1956 American film noir crime film based on James M. Cain's novel Love's Lovely Counterfeit. It was directed by Allan Dwan, and star John Payne, Rhonda Fleming, Arlene Dahl and Kent Taylor.


The ruthless Solly Caspar is fighting to retain control of Bay City's criminal activities when Frank Jansen (Kent Taylor), an honest man and mayoral hopeful, begins a strong anti-crime campaign. Caspar tasks his right-hand man Ben Grace to dig up some dirt on the candidate and ruin his chances of election.

Ben follows the candidate's redheaded secretary, June Lyons (Rhonda Fleming), to a jail where she's picking up her equally scarlet-tressed and sexy kleptomaniac sister Dorothy (Arlene Dahl). June is Jansen's girlfriend as well, but their relationship is still only social, and there's nothing to work with—but in the process of following her, Ben has become attracted to June...

The whole film.




Poil de carotte

Poil de carotte is a 1925 French silent film, directed by Julien Duvivier and starring Henry Krauss, Charlotte Barbier-Krauss and André Heuzé. This is the first film based on the famous novel by Jules Renard. More films have been shot in 1932, 1952, 1973 and 2003.


François' mother, Mme Lepic, hates him and she nicknames him "Poil de Carotte" (Carrot hair). His father is more interested in politics and hunting that he is in him. In spite of the affection of his godfather and his friend Mathilde, whom he calls his "fiancée", young Poil de Carotte contemplates suicide. On a particularly difficult day, he attempts to hang himself. Mr. Lepic saves his life just in time and understands he is partly to blame for this. From this day on, they both unite against Mme Lepic's bad temper.

The whole film.




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