Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Madonna(s) With Child - Joos van Cleve

This one's a bit of an odd one - numerous depictions of the Virgin Mary with child Jesus. All looking suspiciously ginger. All by the Antwerp-based painter Joos van Cleve.

There are so many I keep getting deja vu thinking I've uploaded them on here before. We've featured many redheaded Madonna and Child paintings over the years, but I think these ones are all new to the blog. Though we have mentioned van Cleve previously, when we featured his equally ginger Altarpiece of the Lamentation.

So here goes..

(Madonna and Child)

(Virgin and Child)

(Madonna of the Cherries)

(Madonna and Sleeping Child
in a Landscape)

(The Holy Family)

(Madonna with Child)

(The Holy Family)

And finally we have an image of Mary alone in prayer. Again red-haired.

(The Virgin in Prayer)

(The Virgin in Prayer - detail)

Definitely images worth adding to the 'Was Jesus Ginger?' folder.

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