Tuesday, December 14, 2021

..yet more red-haired artworks :)

An array of images that all have a vaguely Pre-Raphaelite feel now - or at least that's how I've grouped them.

No. 1: Cordelia's Portion by Ford Madox Brown (most definitely in the Pre-Raphaelite oeuvre).

(Cordelia's Portion)

(Cordelia's Portion - detail 1)

(Cordelia's Portion - detail 2)

No.2: The Boyhood of Alfred the Great by Edmund Leighton. (I'm not entirely sure which one's Alfred).

(The Boyhood of Alfred the Great)

(The Boyhood of Alfred the Great - detail)

No.3: This one's a tad more Pre-Raphaelite than the last. It's titled Apples, and is by the English painter Albert Joseph Moore. I really like this one.

(Apples - Albert Joseph Moore)

No.4: I really like this one too actually. Paolo and Francesca by Frank Dicksee.

(Paolo and Francesca)

(Paolo and Francesca - detail)

No.5: Finally, this one. Another beautiful painting. It's titled The Penance of Eleanor, Duchess of Gloucester, and is by the American artist Edwin Austin Abbey.

(The Penance of Eleanor)

(The Penance of Eleanor - detail)

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