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Red Hair in Art: Wlastimil Hofman

Wlastimil Hofman (born Vlastimil Hofmann, 1881 - 1970) was a Polish painter, and was one of the more popular painters of the interwar and postwar years.

In 1899 he went to study painting at the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. In 1902 he had his first showings in an exhibition by the "Sztuka" society. Further exhibitions followed in Munich, Amsterdam, Rome, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, and Warsaw. In 1904 he painted the first of his village (or peasant) "Madonnas".

In 1905 he started the cycle of pictures called "Confession" which brought him international recognition. In 1907 he was the first Polish painter to be made a member of the Gallery of the Vienna Secession. When his professor, Jacek Malczewski, was appointed the Rector of the Kraków Academy of Fine Arts in 1912, Hofman obtained a teaching post there.

Sometime around 1922, influenced by his friendship with Jacek Malczewski, he changed the spelling of his name from Czech to a Polonised 'Wlastimil'.

In the period 1953 - 1963 he produced religious paintings for the local church, including "Four Evangelists", "The Way of the Rosary", "The Way of the Cross" and "The Adoration of the Child". He also produced many portraits of local people, sports figures - especially footballers from his favourite Wisła Kraków team - and also self-portraits. In 1961, he was awarded the Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta.

Guardian Angel

Symbolic Scene

Sous les ailes de l'ange




Red-Haired Girl

Portrait of a Young Girl




Blue Boy

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