Monday, May 18, 2015

Italian Sayings and Proverbs about Red Hair

Emanuela has also kindly translated some Italian sayings and proverbs into English for me :) They're quite revealing and reinforce the attitudes most other nationalities have about red hair.

The bracketed comments are Emanuela's.
  • Red-haired beauties have 1000 devils each hair (this reminds me of a Russian proverb I read recently, saying "There are no saints with red hair").
  • When in a redheads’ house, don’t eat and don’t drink unless you know them
  • God protect us from women, cough and redheads
  • Those with red hair die before you get to know them
  • Those with red hair have shaken nerves
  • Better to have a death in the family than a redhead at the door (that’s awful!)
  • Women with red hair are eager of co*k (and pardon my French!)
  • Not even red-coated pigs are good.
  • The kindest of redheads threw his/her father into a weel, or
  • The kindest of redheads killed his/her mother
  • Children with red hair and piebald cats (or dogs) are to be killed at childbirth (that’s terrible, especially for kittens!)
  • Stay away from people with red hair
  • Lucky those who believe in bona-fide redheads.

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