Thursday, June 18, 2015

Redhead Da Vinci Works (...well, maybe)

A few redheads from the works of Leonardo da Vinci now. However, both are contentious :/ so we can't be entirely sure they are in fact the work of the great man.

This first one is titled Madonna Litta and shows a red-haired Madonna and Child (yes, another red-haired Jesus). It's attributed to Leonardo by the Hermitage Museum where it hangs.

And this one, a small chalk drawing, is titled La Bella Principessa. It was formerly considered to be the work of a 19th century German artist, however it's been very recently attributed to Leonardo by various scholars. Personally, I'm very doubtful that this is an actual El Leo, it looks very modern to my eyes. It's still a very beautiful image though. I'm not quite sure about the hair colour either - I can't decide if it's brown or ginger. I think if they can claim it as a Da Vinci we can claim it as a redhead though :p


  1. such a beautiful content and idea ...

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